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Passion Fuit
The passion Fruit is a creeper, and their berry-type fruits have numerous black seeds, covered by a yellow and watery aril. These seeds have passiflorin, a substance with sedative effects.
The guaraná is a plant of tropical origin, particularly found in the Amazon region. This bush may be up to 10 meters high, and their fruits are red capsules. When ripe, they split partially open showing a white pulp and black seeds, resembling a human eye.

Brazil nuts
From the nuts of this plant is extracted an oil, called Andiroba oil. It is yellow-colored and has valuable healing properties. Andiroba oi is also used in the cosmetics industry. With this oil, your skin will become soft and smooth, and your hair shining and soft.
Their nuts provide cold-pressed high quality oil, largely used by the cosmetic industry, for example in soaps, pharmaceutical products and cosmetics.

Amazon Men
Copaíba oil is an excellent fragrance-fixing, mixing traditional flower notes, delivering an extra helping of hydration while reconstructing the elasticity of skin, and hair shine.
The balance between nature and you. The new global hedonistic trend, introducing a new man, improving its looking.

Handmade Soaps
Armazém Amazônico Kits
We have a line with more than 60 glycerined soaps, with fragrances going from relaxing (chamomile, passion fruit) to aphrodisiac (cinnamon and chocolate).
All the Amazon fragrances and values, converted into beautiful gifts.

Handcrafted jewelry, made with Amazon seeds and elements, with a carefully finishing, increasing the unique character of each piece.
Armazém Amazônico Store, through a range of diverse products, offers nature’s elements that will enable you to do a unique and creative decoration.

A Panthera represents strength, courage, elegance and beauty. Like you.
You deserve a spa Amazon in your home. The Home Spa is a line specifically designed with essences Amazon, which provide moments of pleasure and balance to your skin.

Amazônia Dreams
The Amazon will be part of your summer! Products carefully crafted with scents of Amazon that protect and beautify.
Believe in your dreams.

Amazon Flowers
The delicacy of aroma reveals the soul of the Amazon.
Platanus lofty tree, leaves simple and beautiful, that stands out in Amazonian biodiversity. The fragrance of Platanus is majestic, strong and impressive, leaving every season, the mark of its intensity.

Hands and Feet

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